Passengers vote to kick woman off Frontier Airlines flight, video shows

(KTLA) — Video shared on social media appears to show passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta took matters into their own hands last week to address a seemingly unruly passenger.

In a series of videos posted on TikTok, two women appear to be screaming at each other. One of the women, along with a man sitting next to her, are then escorted off the flight by apparent crew members.

One of the videos shows passengers appearing to vote by hand, showing how many of them wanted the second woman removed from the flight as well.

A female passenger in a red shirt and glasses is seen shouting, “If you want her removed from the flight, raise your hand!”

The video shows many passengers raising their hands in agreement.

The passenger goes on to say, “I’m not even kidding. If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want it taken off the flight. I’m not even kidding, I have 40 hands up.

After the vote, a man can be heard explaining to someone off-screen that he wanted the woman to leave the flight because she was being rude to people. The woman was eventually seen gathering her things and being escorted away.

The incident reportedly delayed the flight by about an hour.

The TikTok user who posted the videos explained in a later post that the pair initially argued with a flight attendant over a seat before the incident happened.

Frontier Airlines did not immediately respond to KTLA’s request for comment.

The incident was just the latest occurrence of disruptive passengers impacting flights.

Late last month, a United flight to Tel Aviv was forced to turn back in Newark, New Jersey, about three hours into the 10 a.m. flight, after an unidentified man had a confrontation with the flight crew and a shouting match ensued, a passenger told Israeli news outlet YNet.

The man reportedly waited for the bathroom and sat in a flight attendant’s seat. A witness said the man refused to return to his seat and the flight turned around.

Last week, a JetBlue flight was evacuated after arriving in Los Angeles from Las Vegas because a seemingly disgruntled passenger who missed the flight claimed that his luggage, still on the plane, “contained a possible bomb”.

Jeremy Tanner contributed to this report.

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